Towards Anarchitecture

Le Corbusier is dead. Towards Anarchitecture.
Architecture, People and Situations.

All posts are creative work by Marcelo Rovira (© 2014 )

Elevation, Brick Bathhouse in Stockholm42 x 20 cm
From Marcelo Rovira’s Bachelor Project in Architecture, KTH School of Architecture 2014
Street style in Istanbul 2014
The renovation,  Hagia Sophia, Istanbul 537
At the Cinemas with
Erik Gunnar Asplund, The Skandia Theater, Stockholm 1923
Essential text from Louis Kahn’s talk at the Otterlo CIAM Congress 1959.
Johan Celsing, Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm 2006
The shadows of a Aalto stool resembling de Chiricos paintings.